Festival "HERO"

The first session of the Krasnoyarsk film school "Enisey Cinema"

On 4 November the first introductory course of the Krasnoyarsk film school "Enisey Cinema" took place at the Siberian Institute for the Development of Creative Industries. More than 80 people attended the training.

The main task of the course is to give future filmmakers a full understanding of the filmmaking process. At the meeting, the young people got to know the curators and chose groups based on the curators' presentation and their professional orientation.

The curator of the school, film teacher Inna Konyukova says: "Last year the film school already held a training and it is worth mentioning that some of the graduates continued their education in higher educational institutions in the country and abroad in the direction of the film industry. This year at the "Yenisei Cinema" School the emphasis will be on the independent choice of students in the study of individual disciplines," Inna says.

"The training requirements of the boys are different and the teachers of the film school try to provide the knowledge that is necessary for a particular student, - says one of the teachers (curators) of the film school, the employee of "Yenisei Cinema" Anastasia Yurchuk, - we ask a lot, what concerns the students, what they want to film, what questions they want to find answers to. I have seen that many of them are interested in acting, and this is what I have, and I can provide knowledge and skills in this direction".

In the next session, students will discuss roles on a film set and learn about film careers. Later, they will try to write their own script, distribute roles in a team and go through pitching.

As part of the training, participants will make their own films and submit their work to the Hero International Children's and Youth Film Festival, organised by Enisey Cinema. A total of five short films will be produced as a result of the film school. The programme will be of interest to both beginners and those who have already studied at the Krasnoyarsk Film School.

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