Festival "HERO"


President of the Festival

Vladimir Grammatikov

Советский и российский кинорежиссёр, кинодраматург, продюсер, актёр кино. Заслуженный деятель искусств Российской Федерации (1995) и лауреат премии президента РФ. Член правления союза кинематографистов РФ. Член президиума кинопремии «Золотой орел». Член академии «Ника», профессор ВГИК. Руководитель актерской мастерской. Президент форума «Бумеранг». Художественный руководитель кинокомпании «МВФИЛЬМ».

1998-2001 - Director General of the Maxim Gorky Film Studio for Children and Youth.

Vladimir Grammatikov has directed more than 20 films, including “Usatiy Nyan” (“Mustached Nanny”), “Shla Sobaka po Royalyu” (“A Dog Was Walking on the Piano”), “Taina Sibirskoy Knyazhny” (“Siberian Princess’ Secret”), TV series “Sibirochka” (“Siberian Girl”), “Malenkaya Printsessa” (“Little Princess”), “Zvezda i Smert Khoakina Muriety” (“The Star and Death of Joaquin Murrieta”).

Board of Feature Film Judges

Jury Chairman
Vladimir Alenikov

Cinema director, writer, motion film screenplay writer, producer, playwright, poet.
Scriptwriter and director of more than twenty feature films and documentaries.
Winner of the Irida International Film Award for outstanding contribution to the cinematic art Winner of the International Film Award “The Drop” for his contribution to action-packed cinema. Winner of the Independent Arts Award for the film “Wanderers of Patience.”

Winner of more than 50 awards at international and all-Russian film festivals, as well as a number of honorary prizes: “For preserving and enhancing the best traditions of Russian cinema”, “For contribution to comedy”, “For contribution to the development of children’s cinema”, “For contribution to popular science” films”, “For the enormous contribution to improving the moral climate among young people, to overcoming aggression and interethnic hatred”, “For the outstanding contribution to genre films.”

Academician of the Russian Academy of Cinematographic Arts “Nika”, National Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Russia “Golden Eagle”, Russian Academy of Short Films.

For a number of years he was a professor of film directing at Los Angeles University. He was the artistic director of the Russian Central Documentary Film Studio.

Head of the Genre Film Workshop at the All-Russian Film Society named after G.N. Danelia. Head of the courses “Directing Genre Films” and “Specifics of an Actor’s Work in Film” at the N. S. Mikhalkov Academy of Theater and Film Arts.

President of the International Short Film Festival "Window" in Omsk.

Andrey Bogatyrev


All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), Film Direction Department (workshop of E.I. Reznikov and B.Ya. Karadzhev), Nikita Mikhalkov's Academy of Cinema and Theater Art (workshop of V.I. Khotinenko, V.A. Fenchenko).

From 2007 to 2018, organizer of the East&West International Film Festival.

Awards: Honorable mention at the 33rd Moscow International Film Festival and the Rising Star Award of Canada International Film Festival for his first full-length film BAgI (2011).

Best Actor award at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival for Judas (2012) and a special prize of the cinema clubs of Russia.

Selected filmography:
SashaTanya, White Nights, Red Ghost, Vampires from Central Russia, To Palych, Sambo Legend, Grandma Frost, Home in my Head.

In 2020, opened his own Khleb production company. Also directed multiple music and advertising videos.

Taalaybek Kulmendeev

Film director, producer.
Chairman of the Filmmakers’ Union of Kyrgyzstan.

Rosebud New European Cinema and Television Academy.

From 1988 to 1992: administrator and production manager at Catharsis Creative Production Association and Saltanat Studio.

From 1992 to 2002: Head of the National Producers’ Foundation, cinema director and producer at the Advertising and Marketing Agency within the State Television and Radio Corporation system.

Previously, director of Ch. Aytmatov Cinema House and head of T. Okeev Kyrgyzfilm National Cinema Studio.

President of Ak Ilbirs Central Asian Cinema Art Academy, coordinator of the Oscar Committee of Kyrgyzstan, one of founders of Ak Ilbirs National Film Awards. Member of the board of judges of multiple international film festivals.

Selected filmography:
Munabia, House for Sale, Autograph on Camel, Insan, Angel, Mirror.

Board of Animation Film Judges

Denis Chernov

Lead director of KikoRiki animation series for 20 years. Director of full-length animated films KikoRiki: Team Invincible, KikoRiki: Legend of the Golden Dragon, KikoRiki: Déjà vu, Finnick, Finnick 2, Plush Boom, Yenisei Fairy Tales.

Animator. Actor. Educator. Creative producer.

Winner of TEFI Kids, Golden Eagle and other awards.

Tatiana Belova

Director General of CHERNOViK company.

Author and screenplay writer of the currently produced Yenisei Fairy Tales full-length animation film.

Screenplay writer of Finnick, KikoRiki, Little Tiaras, Dino City, Meowgic, Tommy the Little Dragon, Finns, Robin Zone and others.

Xiao Ning

Distributor of Russian animation projects in the PRC, working with Russian animation studios since 2012.

Background: Moscow State University, Master of Journalism majoring in television.

From 2012 to 2016: Manager of Riki Group in China (KikoRiki, Pin Code, BabyRiki, Fixies).

From 2016 to 2023: Co-Founder of Beijing Joy Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Since 2024: Founder and CEO of Beijing Poigray Entertainment Co., Ltd., dealing with commercial animation projects.

Board of Documentary Film Judges

Ekaterina Golovnya

Director, screenwriter documentary films producer.

From 2012 to 2018, she has been an expert commission member for the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation documentaries evaluation.
In 2016, she began teaching at the University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov.
In 2019, she was appointed as the director of the “Illusion” Cinema.
In 2020, Ekaterina was appointed as the director of the Central House of Cinematographers.
From 2008 to the present Ekaterina Golovnya is General Director and producer of the Golden Ribbon Studio (Studiya Zolotaya Lenta).
From 2017 to the present she is the Head of the first Sevastopol pitching of the International film and television projects.

She has participated in more than 50 documentaries creation as an author, director and producer. She has written scripts for more than 70 documentaries and cartoons. Many works have been awarded prizes at Russian and international film festivals.

Over twenty years, she has been a jury member of many Russian and international film festivals.

Evgeni Arendarevich
(Republic of Belarus)

Producer and Founder of BELROSKINO Production Center, LLC, Vice Chairman, Member of the Board, Head of the Belorussian Filmmakers’ Union in the city of Minsk.

The 20 years’ filmography counts over 115 films produced in Belarus.

Winner of multiple film festival awards, including prizes for the contribution in the development of Belorussian and international cinematography.

Alexander Kalashnikov

Documentary films producer, director, and sound producer.

Director General of Krasnoyarsk Cinema Studio, LLC, Chairman of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Division of the Filmmakers’ Union of Russia, winner of V.I. Tregubovich State Award of the Krasnoyarsk Region in cinematography (2021), Honored Artist of the Krasnoyarsk Region.

Author and director of nearly ten documentary films, including Frozen Time, Rural Projectionist, Rigid Towbar, Dance of Life, Tango with Balalaika etc. As a sound producer, contributed to production of over eighty feature, documentary, and animation films. Winner and prize-winner of prestigious Russian and international cinema competitions.

Regular member of the professional board of judges at various film festivals.

Board of Children’s Film Judges

Vitalia Kornienko

Russian cinema, television, and voiceover actress.

На начало 2024 года фильмография актрисы насчитывала более двухсот работ в кино, в том числе главные роли. Виталия озвучила большое количество ролей в зарубежных художественных фильмах, мультфильмах, компьютерных играх.

«Российская газета» включила Виталию Корниенко в топ-10 самых популярных российских актрис 2020 года.

The Rossiyskaya Gazeta listed Vitalia Kornienko in Top 10 of the most popular Russian actresses 2020. The website of the Fifth Channel of Russian television included Vitalia Kornienko in Top 5 Junior Actors of contemporary Russia. Winner of Zero Plus international competition certificate for the lead role in The Girl and the Wish Tree; certificate of the 38th International VGIK Student Festival as the Best Actress; the Bardo Diploma; the Cinema Magic certificate as the Best Child Actor; Actress of the Year (cinema) of the 1st Talented Kids Awards 2019; special prize and the Blue Bird Grant for the development of creative skills (6th season).

Nominee for the Best Actress and Best Series Actress nominations of the Golden Eagle, APKiT, National Web Industry Awards and other competitions.

Latest cinema works: Aunt Marta, Home Alone, Silver Spoon in Sochi, The Red Five, Daddy’s Daughters. New, Puppet Master and others.

Latest major voiceover projects: Eva the Owlet, Teddy’s Adventures, Pangolin Chronicles, My Wolf, Frozen 2, Proxima and others.

Vasily Builov

Film director, the "Sayanfilm" company head. Education: P. I. Ivanov-Radkevich Krasnoyarsk College of Arts, Literary Institute named after M. Gorky, All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov.

Awards: main prize in the "Best film" nomination of the “Shorty” (Shorts) Film Festival, the prize of the "National Fund for the Support of Copyright Holders" at the III Moscow Film Festival “Budem Zhit” (Let's Live), the winner in the "Best Musical Film" nomination at the “AudFest” festival, the winner in the "Best Film" nomination at the Baikal Film Festival 2019.

Selected filmography:
“Zvuki” (Sounds), “Kniga Zhelaniy” (Wish Book), "Nemesis", “Svobodnie Dengi”(Free Money), “Loskutnoye Odeyalo” (Patchwork Quilt), “Gluhonemie”(Deaf and Dumb), “Aktivatsiya”(Activation), “Efir” (Broadcast).

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