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Online events of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth “Brave”

The International Film Festival for Children and Youth “Brave” starts tomorrow! The festival film program consists of 75 films from 26 countries. Besides the film program there will be numerous art meetings and workshops with the Jury members and festival participants that will be held online on the YouTube-channel of the “Yenisei kino”. It means that everyone who has the Internet access can watch them.

Here is the schedule of the online events of the International festival “Brave”:

on the 19th of November

  • 6pm Art meeting with the film director Vladimir Potapov

The film director Vladimir Potapov presents his film «The Cry of Silence» at the festival. It is a war drama about the children who are forced to survive alone in beleaguered Leningrad. Why did Mr Potapov decide to take on such a difficult topic? How to work with children on the filming location and what do emerging filmmakers need to shoot their first film? The author will answer these and many other questions at the art meeting.

  • 21:00 Video tour of animation studio “Melnitsa”

Film animators of the animation studio “Melnitsa” have presented the audience with an epic franchise about three Russian heroes, a series of fabulous blockbusters about the adventures of Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf, and many other interesting films. They have recorded a fascinating video tour of the studio especially for the festival. You will learn how the animation masterpieces loved by millions of viewers are created.

November 20

  • 15:00 Art meeting with Alisher Khamidkhodjaev

A cameraman Alisher Khamidkhodjaev has become famous for the films “Tale in the Darkness”, “Living” and “Anna's War”. Mr Khamidkhodjaev has got the Venice Film Festival Award, the Open Russian Film Festival “Kinotavr” Award, and several the White Elephant Awards for Best Cinematography. At the art meeting he will tell the audience of the "Brave" festival about the difficulties of camerawork and how to overcome them.

  • 17:00 Art meeting with the authors of the project “Kikoriki” Denis Chernov and Tatyana Belova

Belova The contribution of the animated series "Kikoriki" to the world culture can hardly be overestimated. It seems that a cartoon about funny round animals is liked by absolutely everyone - regardless of gender, age or language. Those who stood at the origins of the project - the Principal Director Denis Chernov and a screenwriter Tatyana Belova - will tell about the secret of the project’s success.

  • 19:00 Art meeting with Nina Romodanovskaya

Nina Romodanovskaya, the editor-in-chief of the well-known Internet portal about cinema "ProfiCinema", associate professor of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography will talk about what it is like to run a website about cinema in the era of information technology.

  • 21:00 Art meeting with Konstantin Bronzit

Konstantin Bronzit is one of the most outstanding Russian animators, twice nominated for the Oscar. He presents two of his works at the festival – full-length comedy “Three Heroes and The Heiress to the Throne” and the short drama “He Cannot Live Without Space”. At the art meeting with Mr Bronzit you will learn why there is nothing good in the “throes of art”, what helped “Melnitsa” to become one of the leading animation studios in Russia, what the beauty of author's animation is and much more.

November 21

  • 15:30 pm Art meeting with film and dubbing actress Vitalia Kornienko

The rising star of Russian cinema, Vitalia Kornienko, by the age of ten has already starred in more than 80 films, including “Ice 2”, “Sputnik” and “The Age of Pioneers”. It is time to tell how she manages to succeed in everything and what it is like to work with famous filmmakers.

  • 5pm Art meeting with Georgy Molodtsov

Technologies make progress, and one of the main innovations of modern times is a virtual reality, or VR for short. The possibility to completely immerse the viewers in what is happening on the screen attracts more and more attention. At the meeting with the expert Georgy Molodtsov you will learn about how this new approach will develop further and when to expect the widespread of the virtual reality.

November 22

  • 11:00 Premiere - short film "Valya Kotik"

The festival "Brave" cannot fail to note young filmmakers from Krasnoyarsk, and therefore presents a special non-competitive film "Valya Kotik" to the audience. This is the story of a Soviet pioneer who accomplished a real feat during the Great Patriotic War. The premiere will take place on the Enisey Kino official youtube channel.

  • 13:00 Workshop “The features of shooting a student non-fiction film”

Daria Artyushkova is the author of the documentary "Air Comandante" that has been included in the competitive program of the "Brave" festival. At the workshop Daria will tell the viewers how to start working on a documentary and how this experience differs from a feature film.

  • 17:00 Art meeting with the director of documentary films Elena Alferova

The competitive program of the “Brave” festival includes a very extensive program of the documentary films. The best works of the film directors from all over Russia will compete for the main prizes. At the art meeting with Elena Alferova, a member of the Selection Committee, we will talk about what these films are and why each of them deserves to be on the short list.

  • 19:00 Art meeting with a film director Anna Chernakova

A director, screenwriter, and a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation Anna Chernakova has submitted to the festival “Brave” her film “All About My Sister” based on children stories by Mikhail Zoshchenko. At the art meeting she will talk about the filming and what the difficulty of working with young actors is.

  • 21:00 Video tour of the Moscow Animation Museum

Everyone who joins the touching online tour will see the sweetest exhibits from favorite cartoons.

November 23

  • 1pm Art meeting with Vladimir Alenikov

The Chairman of the Festival Jury, a famous film director, author of the films about the adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, Mr Alenikov will tell the most interesting things about his profession.

  • 3pm Art meeting with Sergei Giro

A Krasnoyarsk actor Sergei Giro has been approved for the lead role in the film "Hypnosis" by a Russian director Valery Todorovsky. At the art meeting we will talk with Sergei about the filming, about the work with a well-known director and about famousness.

  • 4 pm Workshop: "The Art of Mise-en-Scene"

Director Sergei Tyutin will talk about how to properly build a composition in the frame, place semantic points, and whether a storyboard is needed.

Reference Information:

The International Film Festival for Children and Youth "Hero" is the only professional international film festival for children and youth on the territory from Eastern Siberia to Sakhalin in Russia.

The main aim of the festival is to provide conditions for the development of creative abilities and visual thinking of children, to broaden their horizons through acquaintance with outstanding examples of Russian and world modern and classical cinema, to develop moral values, aesthetic attitude toward the world around us, and own taste for art. The idea of searching a modern hero provides food for thought at the discussion panels where the invited film industry experts and the young festival participants will attempt to answer such questions as who the hero for the younger generation is and what a modern hero should be.

Information for mass media:

8-902-941-44-77 – Nina Chupakhina

.8-923-272-43-64 – Ekaterina Bogomolova

Information for audience:

.8-923-272-43-64 – Ekaterina Bogomolova

The festival events will be conducted in compliance with the safety regulations established by the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights.

There may be changes in the festival event program, check for updates on the official website of the festival "Brave" at http://geroyfilm.ru and on social networks at https://www.facebook.com/geroyfilm и https://vk.com/geroyfilm.

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