Festival "HERO"

General Director of "Enisey Kino" about film festival «Brave»

ProfiCinema, an information portal for film business professionals, published a long interview with Irina Belova - General Director of "Enisey Kino", Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, the Union of Composers of Russia and the Union of Theater Workers of Russia.

In it, Irina Gennadievna shared her thoughts on the transformation of the Hero Film Festival, told how the selection of applications and the formation of programs was carried out, described in detail the specifics of the diverse work of Yenisei cinema, talked about composing and the importance of having real Heroes in the modern world.

You can read the full text at link.

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  • Полина Приймак
    Автор: Полина Приймак Добавлено November 21, 2020 в 05:21

    Фильм очень хороший .Советую посмотреть .Смысл хороший .Ещё иногда были эпизоды в фильме ,которые стимулировали .Фильм крутой !!!!


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