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Meet-the-artist events with cinematographers and a lot of fascinating films. Highlights from Day 4 of the Hero Festival

The pre-final day of the II International Film Festival for Children and Youth “Hero” came to an end on May 22. Vladimir Alenikov, Vitalia Kornienko, Denis Chernov, and other celebrity guests of the Krasnoyarsk region talked to the audience about the difficulties of creating animated and feature films, described the subtleties of their profession, and shared their invaluable experience with those who are just beginning to get acquainted with the amazing world of cinematography. Exclusive regional premieres and screenings of competition and non-competition works were also traditionally held in five cities of the region.

Young actress Vitalia Kornienko, who has more than 90 films in her filmography, continues to discover the Krasnoyarsk region. The twelve-year-old star of the Russian cinema visited the Totem children's football club today, which consists of the residents of Krasnoyarsk Orphanage No. 1. These children have achieved great sport success. After that, the actress participated in the meet-the-artist event at the Cinema Park. Similarly, to the previous events with Vitalia, the residents of Krasnoyarsk did not let the guest go for a long time, asked her questions, and took memorable photos.

Later, Denis Chernov and Tatiana Belova, creators of the Kikoriki cartoon, presented their full-length animated film, Finnick, for the second time. The film was a box-office success in the Russian cinemas. After the screening, the audience had a unique opportunity to meet the authors and ask them all the questions they were interested in.

Then, the screening of competitive feature films began. Iranian director Keyvan Majidi personally presented his Football on the Rock sports comedy. Producer Yuriy Obukhov presented the Call me Thrush film, which tells about the difficult growing up of fourteen-year-old Kostya, whose parents decided to divorce. After the screening, the cinematographer talked about the casting and told the audience how they found another talented actor – Ivan Loginov – while shooting the film.

"You see, I have been interested in children's issues since my very first film, When I Will Become a Giant, back in 1979. Nothing has changed since then. Then and now, the characters are fighting over one girl. They begin to understand the laws of this world. There was a big problem with the casting. In order to make the story true for the audience to believe in what is happening on the screen, it was necessary to find young actors and work with them. Vanya Loginov is an unprofessional actor, and for me, as a producer, it was a great responsibility and a certain risk. More famous actors cruelly trolled Vanya at the audition. They told him, 'You have a burr, there is no place for you in films.' He felt embarrassed and that was exactly what we needed. You can probably feel it in the film that this drama – I love dad and I love mom, and I'm torn, and the girl doesn't love me, and I can't write poetry – is one big complex. I believe we managed to show it. Vanya has already received best actor prizes of different festivals. After our film, he decided to become an actor. He is finishing his first year at university now," said Yuriy Obukhov.

Meanwhile, a meet-the-artist event with Vladimir Alenikov, writer, director, playwright, producer, and head of the Directing Workshop at the VGIK Higher Film and Television Сourses and the Genre Film Directing course, took place in the Dom Kino (Art Cherdak hall). He devoted most of his works to children. Suffice it to recall everyone's favorite Soviet film, Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, Yeralash TV show, Scarecrow-Meow and Break No. 3 cartoons. During the session, the director showed two short films that were filmed together with his students – Flight of the Butterfly and Cinema as an Attempt at Rapprochement. After the screening, the audience asked him questions and talked about the cinematographer's career.

At the end of the session, the cinematographer reflected on the role of a director in the cinematography and tried to answer the question whether it is possible to shoot a film without a director.

"If you imagine a film in the form of a large mosaic – because it consists of a huge number of frames, scenes, and various components – only one person knows exactly how to polish this stone and what color it should be so that it does not stand out of this mosaic but just enters its place so that the picture is not disturbed in any way. For that alone, you need a production director. An ordinary film can be shot without a director. It will still somehow work out. But you will never get a masterpiece without a director. You need a director for the film to acquire its own face and become an event," said the member of the jury and the honorary guest of the festival.

In addition to rich discussions and meet-the-artist events, it is worth noting another feature of the festival. It takes place in several cities of Krasnoyarsk region simultaneously. Invited guests are happy to visit them. The program prepared for Uzhur residents fully corresponded to the name of the local cinema (Star). Denis Alymov, supervisor of the Parovoz studio, and directors Konstantin Reich and Daria Binevskaya visited the city to personally meet their audience. In addition, it is noteworthy that films go beyond the boundaries of a separate cinema and its halls at the Hero Festival. Competition and non-competition screenings are also held in libraries and museums of the city, where anyone can watch films competing for the main awards for free.

Reference Information:

II International Film Festival for Children and Youth “Hero” is the only one professional international competition for children and youth in Russia from Eastern Siberia to Sakhalin. The founder is the Ministry of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk region, the organizer is Krasnoyarsk State Autonomous Cultural Organization Enisey Kino. The festival takes place once in two years in the Krasnoyarsk region. The President of the festival is Vladimir Grammatikov, Honored Artist of Russia, film director, screenwriter, Disney Company creative producer. The Chairman of the Jury is Vladimir Alennikov, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, film director, screenwriter, writer, and producer. Jury also consists foreign experts, and the program includes films from Russia and abroad. Meet-the-artist events as well as workshops, lectures, education laboratories, round table and discission platforms will be held during the forum.

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