Festival "BRAVE"

The International Film Festival for Children and Youth “Brave”: Day one

The Brave International Film Festival for Children and Youth is officially open! From this day, numerous competitive and non-competitive screenings in offline and online formats, creative meetings and master classes with famous figures of the film industry and many other special events will start.

The festival will feature 75 films from different countries. And every viewer will be able to vote for their favorite picture on the official website - geroyfilm.ru.

And here's what awaits the audience and participants on the first day of celebration:

  • Festival in online format on the TVzavr platformTVzavr»

The Hero Festival is held in a mixed format, which means that anyone from anywhere in the world can join it. Competitive screenings can be viewed without leaving home, in the online cinema "TVzavr" at the link: https://www.tvzavr.ru/festivals/geroyfilm

  • 12:00 Out-of-competition program of documentaries

The Krasnoyarsk Regional Scientific Library (Karla-Marksa str., 122) will show a special program of documentaries. From the films presented, viewers will be able to learn about the birth of the famous novel "The White Guard", about the life of a hospital orderly, and even about the development of the territories of the Far North.

  • 15:00 Out-of-competition program of short animation films

Cinema «Epicenter» (173B Krasnoyarskiy Rabochiy Ave.) will show its viewers a fascinating program of short animated films, which includes films from different countries of the world, as well as works by authors from the most famous animation studio in our country - Soyuzmultfilm.

  • 18:00 Competition program of full-length animated films - "Fixies vs Crabots "

The main events will take place not only in Krasnoyarsk, but also in three other cities of the region. One of these is Divnogorsk. On the first day of the festival, in the local recreation center “Energetik”, the first competitive screening of the animation film “Fixies vs. Krabotov” (directed by V. Bedoshvili, Russia) will take place.

  • 18:00 Online creative meeting with director Vladimir Potapov

Director Vladimir Potapov presents his film “Cry of Silence” at the festival. This is a military drama about children who are forced to survive alone in besieged Leningrad. Why did the director take on such a difficult topic? How to work with children on the set and what a budding filmmaker needs to make their first film. The author will answer these and many other questions during his creative meeting.

  • 19:00 Solemn opening ceremony of the International Festival "Brave"

The opening ceremony of the festival this year will be held online. The Enisey Kino specialists have prepared a whole film from which viewers will be able to learn all the most important about the upcoming events. It will start at exactly 19:00, and you can follow this on the official youtube channel "Yenisei Kino" and the platform of the online cinema "TVzavr".

  • 19:00 Premiere - opening film "Red bracelets - how it all began"

The touching German drama Red Bracelets first conquered the world as a television series. And now - it came to a full meter, revealing the background of the main characters. This is a picture about young people who, by the will of fate, are forced to spend their youth in hospital wards. They are tormented by various diseases, but they are united by a common desire - to find happiness. Walking together through endless hospital corridors, they learn all the delights of the truth of friendship and first true love. You can watch the film in the Krasnoyarsk cinema "Simnema Park. Gallery Yenisei" (st. Dubrovinskogo st., 1i).

  • 20:00 Competition program of feature films - "Cry of Silence"

The final competitive screening of the first day of the festival will take place at the Divnogorsk recreation center “Energetik”. Viewers will be able to see the war drama "Cry of Silence", which tells about children who are forced to survive on their own in besieged Leningrad.

  • 21:00 Video tour of animation studio “Melnitsa”

Animators from the Melnitsa studio presented the audience with an epic franchise about three Russian heroes, a series of fabulous blockbusters about the adventures of Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf, and many other striking films. And so, especially for the festival, they recorded a fascinating video tour of the studio, from which you can learn how the animation masterpieces loved by millions are created.

Admission to all events is free.

General information:

The International Film Festival for Children and Youth "Brave" is the only professional international film festival for children and youth on the territory from Eastern Siberia to Sakhalin in Russia.

The main aim of the festival is to provide conditions for the development of creative abilities and visual thinking of children, to broaden their horizons through acquaintance with outstanding examples of Russian and world modern and classical cinema, to develop moral values, aesthetic attitude toward the world around us, and own taste for art. The idea of searching a modern hero provides food for thought at the discussion panels where the invited film industry experts and the young festival participants will attempt to answer such questions as who the hero for the younger generation is and what a modern hero should be.

Information for the media:

8-902-941-44-77 – Nina Chupakhina

.8-923-272-43-64 – Ekaterina Bogomolova

.Information for viewers:

.8-923-272-43-64 – Ekaterina Bogomolova

The festival events will be conducted in compliance with the safety regulations established by the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights.

There may be changes in the festival event program, check for updates on the official website of the festival "Brave" at http://geroyfilm.ru and on social networks at https://www.facebook.com/geroyfilm и https://vk.com/geroyfilm.

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