Festival "HERO"

The Echo of the International Festival of Films for Children and Youth "Brave" is over!

 Competitive films from the program of the International Festival "Brave" were seen by the entire Krasnoyarsk Region! 

At the end of November 2020, the Echo of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth "Brave" took place. In total, festival films were watched in 36 territories of the region, a total of 219 film screenings took place, and the number of viewers was about 3,400 people.

The best works of the participants were shown in the film installations of the region
The audience was able to watch such films as: "Cry of Silence" (dir. V. Potapov, Russia, 2019); "The Group of Eight" (dir. I. Sosnin, Russia, 2020); "Ecology lesson" (dir. I. Sosnin, Russia, 2019); "My name is Petya" (dir. D. Binevskaya, Russia, 2019); "Cat Masha" (dir.E. Gavrilko, Russia, 2019) and many others. All the spectators expressed their gratitude to the organizers and directors who took part in the festival.

International film festival for children and youth "Brave" is not forgiving! Already in 2022, viewers will see new films from participants from all over the world, as well as interesting guests, entertaining master classes and creative meetings. Until next time, dear friends!

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