Festival "HERO"

The second day of the intensive course for teenagers "Hero: film school"

«Camera. Motor. Started» - and what other teams are on the set, the teenagers recognized at the intensification of the project «Hero: film school». February 28 was the second day «Hero: film school». How many directors are on the set, what is the PPC, which is why there are cinema-lovers in the movies, why the «firecracker» plays an important role in the movie, who is the gafer, what is the difference between the production operator and the cameraman, why the history of cinema is similar to an adventure thriller and much more learned participants intensively.

Matvey Popov is 16 years old, he specially came to study from Zelenogorsk. — I like to do video shooting, consider myself an amateur, but I am interested in everything related to cinematography, - says Matvey. - For self-development and gaining the skills of high-quality video filming decided to come to the training. And, indeed, I receive very important practical information, besides, it is interesting to get acquainted with the professionals of their business - the speakers.

Recall that the training will last until March 3 and will end with pitching of cinema projects, where teenagers will be able to present their future films and win valuable prizes for filming - a certificate for the rental of equipment from the specialized store of photo and video technology «Binar» and «Enisey kino».

The founders of the project are the Ministry of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The organizer is «Enisey kino». The partners were specialized photoshop «Binar» and bakery «Formula bread».

Photo: Yulia Bryukhanova / Enisey kino

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