Festival "HERO"

March 3 - the last day of «Hero: film school» has passed.

At the intensive conference for teenagers, teachers and participants discussed in detail how to get young people into the film industry.

Teacher Gayane Grigoryan introduced the children to useful websites for young filmmakers, contests and film festivals for children and teenagers.
I am incredibly surprised by the knowledge and abilities of the guys. The children are very prepared — I have not seen such knowledge in children, — Gayane shared her observations and wished the guys good luck at pitching.

The training ended with pitching of film projects, where students presented their future films.

The pitching commission includes experts:

  • General Director of «Enisey kino» Irina Belova;
  • directed by Alexander Kalashnikov;
  • directed by Vasily Buylov;
  • teacher of the SSII named after.Hvorostovsky Kirill Tolstov;
  • the general director of "Binar" Alexander Maseikin;
  • Acting Director of "House of Cinema" Anna Kozak;
  • the general producer of the project "Siberian author's cinema", acting director of the Museum Center "Peace Square" Ulyana Beletskaya;
  • film critic, film critic, regular author and editor of the Art of Cinema magazine, chief editor of old.kinoart.ru , Deputy Editor-in-chief of Kinema magazine Evgeny Maisel;
  • teacher of the direction "Producer's Skill" at TheOneFilm film school, producer of educational platforms and online film school at the Film Studio named after him. Gorky Gayane Grigoryan.

Winners are determined:

  • Award from "Yenisei Cinema" — methodical support and assistance of specialists with equipment for filming

The project is "Always there". Authors: Ekaterina Zadonskaya, Maxim Storozhenko

  • Certificate for equipment rental from a specialized photo and video equipment store "Binar".

The project is "Always there". Authors: Ekaterina Zadonskaya, Maxim Storozhenko

The project "What tile slabs know". Author: Anastasia Antonova

The Papier-Mache project. Author: Tatiana Lunina

  • The project "Is it weak?" by Alexia Chernykh was also awarded by the general producer of the Siberian Author's Cinema project Ulyana Beletskaya in the form of a prize — technical and consulting support in the implementation of the project.
  • The project of the author Roman Oyun was noted by the pitching organizers. As a prize – methodological and consulting assistance in the implementation of the animation project "we live".

Alexander Maseikin, CEO of Bino24, addressed all the intensive students: "We are ready to provide a discount on equipment rental to each participant of the project."

And the acting director of "House of Cinema" Anna Kozak noted that all participants who will have film projects ready, "House of Cinema" will help organize a film screening.

Also, all the participants of the intensive "Yenisei Cinema" provides methodological assistance in the film process.

Irina Belova, General Director of Yenisei Cinema: "It's great that a film school for children and teenagers has appeared at the Hero International Festival. After all, it is very important that the teenage film staff of the festival be created. Now we are starting preparations for the 2024 film festival and from August 27 it is already planned to open the acceptance of applications for participation. Guys, thank you. We will be happy to support you!"

Yenisei Cinema expresses its gratitude to the teachers who worked with the students of the film school during the academic year.

The founders of the project are the Ministry of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The organizer is "Yenisei Cinema". The project partners were Binar — specialized photo store and Bread Formula | Krasnodar Bakery .

Photo: Nina Parshina / Enisey kino

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